18/10/ 2019   Stags Fell


The day took me a little by surprise. After weeks of rain, wind and a pretty awful October it seemed OK for once. By 11am I'd done the various promised jobs and decided that maybe it actually was warm, sunny and flyable with light winds - so off to Stags.


I arrived to find not a soul - I wasn't that surprised, but for once Stags was all pluses; the wind was on, the strength just right and the sun made everything look very tempting. Arriving at take off it still seemed just about perfect - most times I've found it too light, too strong, too off - today it was none of those.


A quick rig (I intended to take 'for sale' videos and stills, but eager to be in the air I never actually did one of the main things I came out to do) ... and away - easily airborne. 


The flying was excellent, fairly smooth with the odd bits of lift coming through - at times the wind increased a bit but was always OK. In fact at times it felt a bit odd to be steaming into wind and virtually onto Humesett way below what I'd normally need - almost like a tailwind. After about 40 minutes I landed as Dennis had arrived on take off. It was now a bit breezy so we sat it out for maybe 15 mins before it eased as a big cloud passed over. Shortly afer Jez also turned up and it wasn't long before we were all in the air.


I'd had about four flights ... when later, upwind, lowering cloud appeared with some hints of a shower (it never actually did - in fact it got lighter as it clouded over). Quite content I went and landed by the cars


Very satisfied with the day, nice flying and as I'd not managed to get out for over four weeks due to work and house move, it was a great way to blow off the cobwebs.




21/10/2019  Park Fell 


Lovely day, but very light winds. A couple of short scratchy flights followed by a fly-down.

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