11/2/2019  Far Whitestones


I arrived to find .... not a soul.  Surprising really - the sun was out, the wind at the bottom non existent,but it looked very inviting being the nicest day so far this year. The walk-up was almost T shirts and at about 2/3 height a light breeze was noticeable on the hill. On top it seemed just about soarable - still no more than 8mph at best, but it felt OK.


Just as I was about take off a couple of cars arrived and slowly two more pilots wended their way up the hill (Kitt and Chris Fields as it turned out). I'd Whatsapp'd the Red Tails, but none came - a pity as the day was going to turn really excellent.


Over the next two or three hours we enjoyed lovely, smooth soaring as the wind increased to around 12mph and we were able to fly over to Fell Head. The full range was soarable but we didn't venture along too far.


A brief chat by the cars and we all went our separate ways - me to read the papers in a cafe at Tebay. A really good day's flying for February.





14/2/2019   Grey Scars


A midday call from John Westall (Westie), saw us walking up Grey Scars in almost spring-like, warm sunshine.  The wind was about 90 degrees off - instead of a nice southerly, as forecast, we had a light easterly.


Arriving at take off (which is a nice grassy place) we had an hour of GH before deciding to launch side on and fly down in fairly bouyant air.  


NOTE: Grey Scars is a nice, fairly shallow site that bumbles up in a series of ripples, but it's 550' TTB with lots of XC potential in a S to SSW. It should thermal really well. A word of warning - I would suggest avoiding during the Spring lambing period. Nothing has been said, but given the number of lambing sheep around the landing area and lower slopes I'd leave it until early May and avoid during the Feb/April period.

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