15/11/2016   Wether Fell


A pleasant afternoon with light winds, sunshine and reasonably warm.


I arrived to find two gliders (Jackie and James) laid out awaiting the wind - it was quite light. I gave it about 15 minutes and we had a little more breeze, on the slope, but still on the light side. I took off to find it surpringly bouyant with plenty of lift around. From that point we enjoyed several flights, very smooth air and  good lift - in fact the sort of thing you dream about for a good coaching day. Sadly no low airtimers out and no Dales pilots either - a bit surprising given the forecast.


A nice November afternoon and very enjoyable.



Photo:  Penygent


27/11/2016     Ingleborough


Walked up (icy in parts) with Phil Dale for a flydown. Stunning day, sunny, blue and fairly warm in the sun. We found it rather breezy on top (flat calm at lower levels) so launched 200 feet lower on the NNE spur ...... wind direction a bit of a bugger!  Slow progress forward until we dropped into the calmer air and a nil wind landing.


A few photos:  LINK

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