3/12/2016  Semer Water


Lots of gliders on Whernside (about 15) ...... but the walk put me off, as feeling a bit under the weather. Continued past to Semer Water instead for easiness. Had it all to myself aside from hordes of walkers, millions of rabbits, a kestrel and a bored policeman.


Pretty much ideal, a 10mph wind square on the hill, smooth and lots of lift. Had a few flights until I felt I'd done enough for the day. Unfortunately, the sun never came out as forecast .... rather grey and uninspiring. If it had, would have been perfect for the time of year.

Simon T (blue) and Dennis working their way up Semer.


5/12/2016  Semer Water


Semer ..... again!


A much pleasanter day than Saturday. The sun was out, but the wind declined to play .... contrary to forecast. Dennis, Simon T and I walked up to the bottom shoulder with low hopes and found little wind - but just a hint of better that tempted us to get our gliders out and then chat.


A short wait and although still only about 8 mph it felt just enough. I scratched to the top ridge and it seemed like the hard part was over. Dennis and Simon followed. After half a dozen  beats the wind then died away again and realising this we went back and landed on the shoulder. A whole 12 minutes of airtime.


And that was it. The wind never did come back so I guess we grabbed the little there was.


Nice day to be out though and not really cold.

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