6/9 2020  Three Men/ Magnet


A mixed bag of weather day, but having missed a few good days through work, family and with more work days coming up I was keen to be out regardless.


An energised cold front was passing through about four hours later than predicted - basically in the middle of the day. However, with a bit of luck it provided some pleasant flying both pre and post frontal. Hence it became a two sites, four flights day.


Three Men:  I arrived early, around 10am for a 'look'. It was surprisingly SW and light with the front visible upwind with its attendant showers. I took a walk up as it's only a short 15 mins and although light decided it may just be soarable. I had some smooth, pleasant floating around, a few top landings whilst keeping a watching eye on the weather. A top landing showed the wind had picked up so that was the sign it was probably over. I took off, flew south in lifty air and as the rained started, then increased it was a hurried dash for the bottom. The glider was wet, but the rain ceased so at least I packed in the dry.


The mid part of the day 12 - 3pm was heavy rain, most of which I slept through at home. By 4pm the sun was out, the sky looked a lot better, so off again - if only to dry the wing.


The Magnet:  The wind was now very light and seemed more WNW so I headed up to the north of the Magnet essentially fly the big west face.  A warm, sunny walk up and if the wind was OK on take off it looked a classic evening. The wind was indeed OK, but a rain shower moved slowly up Dentdale, whilst orographic cloud built over Gragareth and moved onto the Magnet. The flying was very pleasant, but the wind shifted more SW until in the end I was flying the Magnet and the wispies. Still .... they were fun to fly until they forced me lower and lower to the point where I was forced to land in totally windless conditions.


I was quite happy with grabbing something from the day on two sites - and the second dried my nicely.



10/9/2020  Three Men


I walked up early (9am) based on the forecast for increasing wind by noon.


Arrived on take off to find (as expected) flat calm, but hopeful the wind would arrive and it be flyable by 10.30am. Which is  pretty much what happened. 


By the time it became flyable we had a decent crew of seven pilots. It wasn't exactly smooth once the wind came in, rather gusty and bouncy as the sun appeared out front. After about 30 mins Dave and shortly after John and I went and landed. Maybe this was premature as Geoff, Tim and later Baz found it became  more settled and lighter. still .... we had a fly and a nice social afterwards with breakfast at Ireby.


Geoff landing by the cars (I mean RIGHT by the cars - next time on a roof?)



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