19/1/2020  Brantside


First flights of the new decade.


I was gliderless until Dennis kindly came round and provided his spare Rush 4. So many thanks to him for looking out for me on a day when flight seemed .... just maybe possible.


Four of us gathered on a lovely sunny, but windless Brantside and admired the view. Over the next hour a few more hardly souls appeared - Pete Balmforth, Rosie and Pete Darwood.  The wind began a very slow blow up the hill, begining with the merest waft it increased to a steady 6mph ... at the same time the most amazing cloud rolled over the hills out front, swirled around  Ingleborough and showed we were time limited.  I had four short flights - rather scratchy, but nevertheless fun and good practice after a few months off.


Eventually, the lowering tendrils swirled around the hill and squeezed us out ... so land, pack and off home. Not lots of flying, but quite satisfying and good company.


Interesting to fly the Rush 4 - a very mellow and user friendly wing. Only another 7  -  10 days  and I should have my shiny new wing to try out.



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