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25/2/2022 Three Men


This was just a case of grabbing a half chance.


After weeks of strong winds, heavy rain and multiple storms, Friday seemed better ... although it's relative.


I arrived at Three Men parking to find it still ..... too windy, not excessively so, but rather gusty. A short wait ... some easing and I decide to 'just' walk up and see. Surprisingly it actually got lighter ... almost too light, so I continued to near the top. 


I had a new harness to try, so that required setting up .... and I still got the speedbar too short.  By now it was again windy, perhaps too windy, but I took off OK only to find, in short, it wasn't pleasant. At 300' ato it was at the limit so a struggle to actually activate the speedbar and I headed out. A bit of a rodeo ride in the gusts but I got down OK. 


The main objective was to try the harness, take some video and see what I thought.  In short .... nothing touches the Forza for comfort., ease of use and the perfect flightdeck position. But .... we shall see.

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