1/8/2022  Three Men


After an early abortive trip that ended up at Stags (too windy!), I found myself with Chris, Kev and Tom at Three Men carpark. On arrival I thought 50/50. The wind had too much south although the strength seemed OK. A walk up was deemed necessary to satisfy ourselves.


Once up on the hill the wind didn't seem too bad. We all had a spell of soaring with the occasional thermal that didn't go very high .... it could have got better, but didn't, instead the wind went increasingly south and strengthened.  Conditions became more difficult and gnarly so we all headed down to land by the cars.  'Paddleboard' Geoff arrived .... late as usual.


Coffee and food at the Falls cafe completed the day ....  Geoff providing a punishing commentary of outbound flights from Parlick. 


Just a few photos  LINK

6/8/2022    Brigsteer


It was too windy all day, but as the breeze started to drop it looked like Brigsteer was the best bet - and I had'nt flown there for a while.


It was excellent on take off, no bouncing down the field, just off and straight up - smooth and bouyant. With the wind having a bit of west in it I decided to drop back and head along the main scar to the far end. The lift was good, but the odd bits of thermal had died away by this time althought the ridge lift was fine. Getting back forward onto the front scar was the problem, but on the second attempt I scraped around below the top.  Quite a fraught moment or two as the trees spread out below and escape routes were doubtful. 


Danny had just arrived, laid out, and within fve minutes was able to join me. We  had a lovely hour exploring down towards Levens and finding the usual bouyant air over the woods. We landed about 8pm and whilst it doesn't beat 200k out of the Peaks it saved on retrieve.




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