11/1/2014: SILECROFT


First flight of 2014.  Ben, Mike and I travelled in hope to Silecroft on the Cumbrian coast. It was quite windy and we felt the coast may be better ...... further north up the coast the wind was said to be lighter. Silecroft turned out too windy and well off to the north, so we headed back towards Burney Fell - we'd seen a group of pg's laid out there as we passed through earlier, but it seemed they were finding it too windy to take off.


By about 3pm it became flyable on Burney, it was getting late and the light was going by the time we arrived at take off (3:45pm). It was windy/gusty on launch and not at all pleasant, but we eventually got airborne after a fashion. In the air it was smooth and we managed about 20- 25 minutes before landing as the daylight was fading fast.

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