8/10/15  Brigsteer


Lovely day and not flown Brigsteer for a while so thought I'd drop in after work. Although deserted it was just about right, wind 10 -12 and square onto the ridge. I took off about 3:50pm and enjoy an hour of lovely smooth soaring until it got a bit lighter and I thought it easiest to call it a day.

Alexa and Kerim preparing for take off

10/10/2015  Whernside


Day of the tandem flights. Walked up Whernside on a pleasant, warm  Autumn day with little wind until we arrived at take off - where it had just come on nicely. Lex, Marta and Anya were all geared up and tensed up for their first ever taste of paragliding with Kerim acting as pilot and me just floating around taking photographs.


We had a good 2hrs and all the girls got to fly plus a gathering of locals until the wind on take off picked up too much. Once in the air it was fine, but the take edge always catches the wind - so unless you moved down the slope it was enough for the day. The whole length of the  ridge had worked well and there were even decent October thermals and some hints of convergence towards Dentdale.


Later we went to the Station Inn for a beer de brief.


Thanks to Kerim for doing the excellent tandem work.


Some video HERE

Kerim coming in to land with Anya.
Dunno ...... somebody on a Mac?

11/10/2015    Gragareth


Late, late start after Sunday lunch and thinking it was too windy ...... it had been, but had slackened. Went for a look-see up KIngsdale to see 8 gliders flying and doing quite well using the full ridge (ESE a good direction for that).


Left car at 3:05pm and got into the air  50 mins later after a quick walk up via the slate road at the top of Kingsdale - quickest way in a rush. Time was against me but tried for a 8k out and return that turned into 18k with tp's. Could have stretched this to about 25 but it would have meant flying back down Kingsdale to Ingleton with my car at the top of the pass.


It was very pleasant - just wish i'd been there an hour sooner.


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