Ingleborough north face

7/2/2015   Ingleborough (W/NW):  


Lovely walk up in light mist, warm sunshine and nil wind. The mid valley mist cleared to a picturesque day with sheets of low cloud to the south and edging into the valleys and clear blue skies above.

I arrived at the top of the main bowl to find half a dozen gliders in the final stages of preparation and the odd one flying. A light/moderate breeze swept over the edge - fairly usual for here, and a nice, easy take off. I had a short soaring flight then landed to do some harness adjustments. The second flight was better and allowed the top summit ridge to be soared. Masses of people on the top plateau and plenty taking pictures. They should have been good as the air was very clear and the distant Lakes mountains were in clear definition.


With KO time looming I set off back to the cars and arrived with lots of height through a few valley wisps. A nice first flight of the year, but maybe I should have enjoyed it a little longer.


Storms in Brazil I hear.

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