4/9/2018   Park Fell


With the two Geoff's and Westie.


It was very light, we expected a N/NE given the forecast, but found a light NW. A short scratching session then we basically flew down. Geoff Yeadon (above) had the best flight making about a 100' over take off. Later the sun came out and although a lovely, late afternoon we were down by then,

6/9/2018   Dodd Fell (and tried Brantside later)


It looked breezy on Wether and proved so as I stepped out of the car - blown out. I carried on to Dodd - all gates being open due to the cattle grids being fitted.


Take off on Dodd was only light to moderate, quite a contrast to Wether - the usual thing. Despite a forecast NW wind it was actually W so a bit off to the south. Took off and flew 3k north to end of ridge ... all that was required was getting back against the wind. Almost made it back just 40 yds short and wrong side of the wall. The 'others' turned up so I packed and we went to Penny Garth cafe.


As most then departed it left Westie, Chris Kay and myself for the final trip to Brantside. Spot on when we arrived; laid out the wings and at that very moment (uncanny) it switched 90 degrees to the north - and stayed that way.


Not a lot of flying - about 20 mins.

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