26/1/2018   Wether Fell


First flight of the year and first flight on a new wing.


Deep in  winters grip a brief window open and presented a day of light winds, sunshine and dry weather. Geoff C, Geoff Y and I set off late for Wether with hopes of the afternoon slot.

As forecast it was very light on take off, barely enough to even groundhandle  my new wing,  at least had an excuse to unfurl, but both Geoff's were more reluctant to unpack. After no more than 30 minutes a little more wind blew up the slope and even if 50/50 I decided I was definitely going to fly ... even if I was lacking a reserve!


It proved surprisingly bouyant despite the the light breeze and provided 20 minutes of improving conditions before it again became  too light so with plenty of height I came in to top land. Geoff came in a little later too, after a brief struggle just below take off. From this point on it never really got going again, but allowed two more flights and enough time to begin the bonding process with a new wing. A little too late Tony and Zena arrived.


Later, the sun came out to give a delightful late afternoon and a reminder that spring isn't too far away. We fininshed off with tea, coffee, cake and Geoff C's plate of chips.


Too soon to do much reporting on the XCRacer ... but well pleased, looks good, feels good and boy it did me good to get a few flights after two months of winter blues.


Short video link HERE





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