Routes link to XCMAP.NET  With thanks to Chris Foster who did all the hard work ... which must have take some time). Here you can find all the routes laid out,  and by registering enter your flights against the routes as an online record.



DFC - Routes (gpx)
GPX - routes folder -
Compressed archive in ZIP format [39.6 KB]
DFC - Waypoints (wpt.)
A -Turnpoint cor-ords wpt-
Compressed archive in ZIP format [24.5 KB]
DFC - Waypoints in GE (kml)
A - GE complete WP
Compressed archive in ZIP format [681 Bytes]

Click highlighted  to download. Save to named folder. Downloads will open in most mapping or flight planning programs (not xcplanner at present, although your tracklogs will). They can be downloaded into your GPS simply as waypoints and you can then program in the route as required - the lazy way is to download the route from the gpx file. Note that the cylinder sizes are not part of the gpx route.


If you wish to view the routes you can do so in a number of ways, but the best way is XCMAP.NET (see above).


If you wish to create your own routes a second alternative is at POTTYPLACE
       very simple to load in a gpx route file. View, modify or plan an alternative route. Worth registering to get the quarter mil maps.
   load in a gpx file to convert and view in GE


Slightly quicker to go HERE   you can't download a route into, but can modify or plan your own.


UK NOTAM info      Flight planning tool


 Daorama  - flight viewing




Waypointplanner img (showing Clough/Walla triangle).
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