A Hike and Fly Challenge







Dates:  The weekend 9/10/11th September. Only ONE day will be selected depending on the conditions and at no less than 24hrs notice.


Timings:  On the day. The start *(Barbon LA62LL) will be manned from 7.45am – 9am. You should aim to start between those times. There will be a briefing around 8:15am with the aim to start as soon as possible. You must stop flying by 6.30pm (subject to light conditions, it may be earlier), with a further 60 minutes allowed on foot (until 8pm).  Your log will be clipped at 7.30pm.


* This start point may change very slightly (still within the start EXIT cylinder) according to  day availability.  See map below.


Task:  The route is spread across a well-known flying area making use of the three, parallel ridges of Barkin, Gragareth and Whernside with a final section taking in the Ingleborough triangle. It allows for a wide variety of wind directions.


Route: There are three possible options, the only difference is the finishing leg from Ingleborough  which will determine the finish point and a small chnage en route if required by wind direction.  Which option (below) will be decided on at no less than 24hrs notice.  The total distances stated are not optimised but are only fractionally shorter.


Option A (task id 1027):    (37k)


Option B (task id 1031):     (43k)


Option C (task id 1032):    (37k)


IMPORTANT!   The route links above are 95% correct, but regard as indicative. The final route may be tweaked to suit conditions and posted here no less than 24hrs BEFORE the selected start day. That route will then move into the hike n fly Northern Series for scoring.


Entry:   This is via the download form and should be submitted to -                     


Entry will be limited to a maximum of 24 pilots on a first come basis. Pilots must be a BHPA member and hold a minimum of CP rating.


Scoring:  The xcmap scoring system will apply, which is already setup for hike and fly.  Non finishers will score ONLY on distance. Finishers will score on distance plus elapsed time points using the 60/40 ratio respectively.


Risk assessment:  Refer to the RA download pdf which must be printed off and signed at the START of the task. 




Equipment:  Refer to the pdf notes that relate to hike and fly and specifically to the EN and equipment standards that relate to ALL flying equipment to be used.


Communications:  You MUST carry a radio set to the appropriate frequency of 143.800mHz.  You MUST carry a mobile phone and have the ability to keep it charged if necessary.


Tracking:  By whatever app or system you use, please ensure you can be tracked via livetrack24. There is an ‘X Dales 22’ group set up to which you will be added from your entry details. It can be found at


Logging:  You must be able to produce a complete, start to finish tracklog in a format the xcmap system can understand.   Producing a complete log is the bug-bear of hike and fly. Please ensure you have set whatever app or instrument you use to do this when hiking, not just flying. A back-up is a wise move … if all else fails it may be possible to download it from L24. Either way – you MUST have a start to finish log with no breaks. Test runs are a good idea BEFORE the event.


Support:  It helps if you have your own support, but there will be some support at the main road crossings in Barkindale, Kingsdale and at Ribblehead (usually a butty/drinks van).  Simple snacks and water will be available.  But best if you carry your own for the most part.


Briefings:  In additional to other briefing notes available via downloads there will be a pre start briefing covering the following:  weather/conditions, the Country Code, exclusion areas and penalties, safety, timings, score file igc upload deadlines, etc.


End of race:  You MUST sign off safe at the end of day or your race by SMS (07808394895) or personally.


Entry fee:  A mere £2,  payable on the day to cover trophy engraving costs and odd sundries, donations and prizes.


Awards and Other:  Awards will be for 1st and 2nd place plus best newcomer. Additionally, the route option selected will join the other H&F routes in the Northern Series, hike and fly tasks and score within that series. This makes it possible to also win that trophy.


Whatsapp X Dales group invite link   


Route Notes:  A glance at any map shows the route is fairly straightforward and is chosen to offer as wide a variety of wind directions as possible throughout. Regard the windwheel below as only broad guidance across the whole task in terms of wind direction. The higher the score - out of 10 (or greener the colour) most favours that direction for flying opportunities.  It’s not an exact science, all the ridges thermal well and you may get lucky.

Download of the intro and information section above
X Dales - 22 intro.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [687.8 KB]
MUST be read and signed on the day
X Dales risk statement 22.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [663.0 KB]
Rules and guidance
X Dales rules 22.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [887.2 KB]
As word doc
X Dales entry form 22.docx
Microsoft Word document [111.9 KB]
As pdf doc
X Dales entry form 22.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [519.7 KB]


Start Location (click image for more details)

Winners 2021:  Mike Cavanagh 1st and Ziggy Latka 2nd

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