1. The majority of scoring data is taken from xcmap. The odd pilot may not appear there due to having a complete and verifiable tracklog that was in a file format the system couldn’t read.  It was checked separately against TP’s and was time readable.
  2. Where time was involved in 'goal achieved' attempt the timing formulae has been tweaked to provide sharper definitions of results.
  3. There were a number of tracklogs that began outside the SSS. This was due to several factors such as instruments set for flying parameters that only began to record on speed or height change. A common H&F issue. A few had long record intervals. As it was obviously a simple tech issue we enlarged the cylinder to provide a start trigger for scoring.
  4. A number of tracks had to be ‘stitched’ together and this worked OK.
  5. All start times were recorded in addition to  GPS data. There may be the odd example of a pilot reaching goal later, whilst having started later. It was elapsed time from a stated 2hr start window.
  6. Ben Henson did better than his score suggests but had igc file issues.

Awards will be sent to the first TWO places. Well done to Mike and Ziggy.

A second award of ‘Hike and Fly for Beginners’ will be sent to Ged  for a sterling effort as a low airtime CP who took on the challenge.

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