Navigation exercise

Ok ..... so the link did work!


To access the navigation co-ordinates you will need to click the pdf link below. The start, finish and all waypoints (turnpoints) are in various formats - choose the one you feel most comfortable with. There are NO OS grid refs for a reason ..... sorry. Note that cylinder sizes are only shown on the first set to avoid duplication - they refer to radii.


Start the time at the point where you click the link - not when you start manually inserting data. ALSO (and important) - import manually, as you would on a hill, do not do a download into a pc or tablet and then upload.

Navigation details
Turnpoint details TR.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [481.9 KB]

Once you have completed the task please send me  -    the following:


*  the time in min/secs it took you to the point where you could say the route was in your instrument and you could bring it up for navigation.

*  the instrument you used

*  the route distance from exiting the start cylinder to entering the goal (finish)  cylinder in k's . If you wish, also the optimised distance to 0.1k. I have both.

*  Any comments relating to the ease or difficulty you found with your instrument or other factors.


Once the exercise has run for a week or so I will provide (via a link to this page):


-  a list of instruments and times, but with no names; you will remain anonymous.

-  a route map showing all details, cylinders, distances (optimised) etc..

Challenge results

The results of the instrument challenge can be found via the links. The route was from an actual flight flown in 2012.

Route mapping with optimisation
Route diagram.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [635.2 KB]
Results at challenge close
Instrument Challenge.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [239.3 KB]

The video links below may be of interest.

Video 1 :    using Butterfly Freeflight

Video 2:     using Flymaster SD LIve

Video 3:     using xcsoar

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