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The 2023 Series will open 1st February and close on 31st October.  Minor changes can be accessed by the downloads under the latest (Jan '23) Rules and Aims.  *The OPEN date above applies ONLY if the resident club has notified the site as being open.


The Background and Aims are worth a read if you're unfamiliar with the NCS.

UPDATED Jan '23.


NEW FOR 2023                                        


MAIN series -   THREE new tasks (replacing old tasks - see below).        XCMAP LINK                       

HIKE n FLY series -  These are as per 2022 +  Inclusion of X Dales.        XCMAP LINK             

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The Northern Challenge Series is an extended competition offering a fresh approach to accommodating the British weather and pilot availability through a series of standing, focused tasks. In short, it provides maximum convenience and flexibility for pilots wishing to be involved. In large part it's a response to the difficulty of getting enough pilots and the weather to coalesce around fixed date events. The NCS is designed to overcome current difficulties and add extra spice (and learning) to a day's flying.


The NCS runs from 1st February - 31st October and offers up a series of 14 main tasks plus a subsidiary set of six Hike and Fly tasks running as separate events. ALL tasks are open to full members of the BHPA members. There is no entry fee or prior registration. Please note ... the odd site  (Stags Fell)  may be 'members only'. Read the Club site guides.


For those not of a competitive nature then tasks can be viewed as useful pilot development challenges with the emphasis on instrument and navigation use, decision making and exploring what's possible (pushing your own envelope). They could form useful coaching activities.


The tasks are hosted on xcmap.net which provides for  easy downloads of the tasks in various formats, task map with cylinders and straightforward uploads with integral scoring. 


Full details are provided via the two downloads. These are:


*  AIMS and RULES  

*  Additional GUIDANCE NOTES on the main and subsidiary tasks




              Windrose for tasks including task types.      Courtesey of Tam Morrison

Updated and current Jan 2023
MAIN AIMS and RULES - 2023.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [925.0 KB]
Task guidance notes plus HIKE n FLY rules/guidance at Jan 2023
Guidance notes on tasks - 2023.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [689.3 KB]

The tasks for 2022 can be download and stored as a 'set' direct from the xcmap task page.  We  did have sets below for download but these became dated due to task changes. If anyone wishes to create sets in different formats for different instruments that would be great. If forwarded to me I will upload below.

Submitted article to Clubs for background reading.
Northern Challenge Trophy - background.p[...]
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A ppt .... no commentary but another way of understanding the NCT without the long read.
NCT 2018.pptx
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