An Introduction to INTOCROSS

INTOCROSS is essentially a database of routes  -  both local and international. At the moment it is a trial beta version and subject to regular development as features are added almost on a daily basis. Once registered it allows the user to set up routes and upload their tracklog against a route. This can be their own route or any other from the database.  If a route is successfully flown then it appears with full details against the route. The 'League' which appears for that route is based primarily on time - in other words the speed over the course.


The best way to see how it works and explore the features is to register and try it at





Although routes can be set up by anyone they can also be grouped as sets.  This means that an area or club can have a specific set of routes that may be considered the main or official routes for their area. The well known and flown challenges. This avoids a cluttering of routes and makes searching easier.


One point worth adding perhaps, is that pilots - especially in a mountain region like the Lakes, are increasingly flying routes as much as sites. In addition to submitting just a tracklog, there is the facility to add comments and thereby provide a sort of knowledge database about the difficulties encountered and any areas or conditions where caution is adviseable - in fact anything that inspires or helps others. This could include even the bus route back or best pub to meet up in afterwards to share the experience.




For the Lakes and Dales area the following system of 'group' sets is being developed.


Cumbria Soaring Club - all routes prefixed as csc.   (in any search box)


 Clough Head to Ambleside                             

 Wasdale to Keswick

  Ennerdale to Wasdale                                                             

 Coniston to Catbells

  Barton to Kendal

 The Lakes Majors FAI

 Blease/Jenkins FAI


The routes above are listed for starters and may be considered the official area routes and which constitute some of the main classic challenges. None are particularly long or especially beyond most regular pilots and try to keep within the main Lake District mountains. If you are new to the area or have limited mountain flying experience then you are strongly advised to get a verbal briefing from a local coach or experienced pilot.


There are other routes to be added and it would help if you could suggest (with reason) routes that you feel justify inclusion then please forward them to me.



Dales Hang Gliding and Paragliding Club - all routes prefixed as dhpc. 


Dodd/Wether to York

The Three Peaks

Stags to Hexham/Corbridge

Windbank to Grassington


The same request for routes applies to the Dales area.


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